Sunday, May 4, 2008

Creativity and Food

So Friday night I worked on some Artist Trading Cards. I don't think these will be for trade, though. I wanted to do a series, as I've only done completely unrelated ones before, so I set out six cards in two rows and sat thinking for a bit. I decided to make little reminders about what I enjoy and am proud of in myself. I wound up only doing four, but I like them anyway.

I'll probably take these down in a few days because it's kind of creepy having the corners of the mirror masked, but I thought this was a particularly good place for them for the time being.

Caring, Loving, Kind.
This is my least favorite, but that's okay.

Yes, those are little jingle bells on the card. It's very fun.

I was going to put a pair of open hands in the white space, but I like the idea of leaving it open, for whatever happens to come along next. (No, I didn't mean to stamp the E on backwards, but it turned out well anyway.)

This is my favorite.

Last night I started pulling all my altered book/scrapbooking stuff out so I can start working on an Altered Book Swap/Round Robin thing. I couldn't find any of my hard back books that I had saved for the purpose of altering them, so I figured I'd go get some today. I couldn't for the life of me remember where a good place to get alterable books was though and couldn't think of a used book store to go to. Then I was reading about them online and remembered that thrift stores are the best place for them. I couldn't believe I had forgotten that! In any case, I went this morning to scour for alterable books and found a handful (four) for $2.34 total, so I'm pretty pleased with that. I still don't have a theme for mine, but maybe the books will inspire me.
Then I went over to the Pacific Ocean Marketplace to see if they had anything for my bentos. They did!

The Loot. Please ignore my roommate's giant martini glass filled with gum and assorted breath fresheners in the background. heh. I spent about $45 on all this.

Yay for molds! I couldn't find any sauce bottles though, but I'll still keep looking.

Sweets and Quail Eggs. I picked up more sweets than I needed, probably, but they looked fun. The quail eggs are way cute, but I still have to figure out how to hard boil them since they're so much smaller than regular eggs.

Baby corn (whole and cut), seaweed paste for onigiri fillings, furikake (rice seasoning), black sesame seeds.

Cute shaped macaroni, 50-sheet pack of nori, japanese style noodles.

I made this for lunch when I got home from the stores. 7 gyoza, one onigiri with soy sausage, red pepper and celery filling, 7 grape tomatoes, three Hello Panda choco-cremes and a vanilla wafer. The Hello Panda treats were way better than the wafer.

This was Thursday's bento. Flower-shaped plain onigiri, cucumber slices, broccoli, leftover salad, grape tomatoes, avocado slices, gyoza.

I think I'm going to do a weekly bento entry with pictures from all my bentos for the week there. Sounds good to me.
Anyway, I'm going to go try to figure out a theme for my altered book.

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