Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dreamcatcher - Stephen King

I listened to the audiobook version of this. The problem with audiobooks is sometimes the narrator is not right for the part. Luckily, the narrator here, Jeffrey DeMunn, is perfect. He can not only do four or five different Maine accents so that you really can tell who is talking in the story just by his voice, but he conveys the emotion for all the characters pretty well, too.  And I would definitely say conveying emotion for an alien and a kid with Down's syndrome is a pretty good accomplishment.

This is by no means my favorite Stephen King book, but I enjoyed the story. The childhood friendship between the main characters made me feel nostalgic and wistful. I had heard some people say that it was hard to get into, a little slow at first, and while I can see why that might be the case, I didn’t have any trouble with the momentum of the story at all.

Rating: TBA

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